8ttempt is an art initiative started by Galerie Huit with a mission to provide an encouraging platform and space for local young artists to exhibit, exchange and explore.

In view of the limited independent art space available to young artists, 8ttempt offers our 6,000 square feet exhibition space in Kwun Tong, with professional and ready-to use facilities, for a vast range of art and activities. Our program includes installation, moving image, music, performance and immersive art experiences; the space will also host lectures, discussions, community projects and artists meetings.

While Galerie Huit has always had a strong focus on international contemporary art, 8ttempt will concentrate on being a springboard to present boundary-pushing local artists and their works to like-minded art professionals. We nurture these young talents by providing space, training, guidance and our industry experience.

8ttempt has our own curated program, but we welcome collaborative projects and submissions for consideration.