We are delighted to introduce Nymphenburg, the exquisite porcelain from Germany. Each piece, be it an impressive lobster soup tureen, or quirky skull with flowers, is completely hand-made and hand-painted. This makes for uniquely valuable and highly desirable collectors’ items. Vignettes and transfers are never used at Nymphenburg. Instead, artists with decades of experience rely on their skill to faithfully re-create each pattern individually. "Manu factum" at the Nymphenburg workshops means: made entirely by hand, with each piece turned, crafted or cast by hand. To ensure consistency, paint from Nymphenburg’s own laboratories is used, to guarantee a quality and purity that is admired the world over. GalerieHuit is delighted to bring Nymphenburg to a Hong Kong audience.

Patrik Muff from Munich

Patrik Muff, the talented Swiss born craftsmen brings his line of stylised jewellery to Galerie Huit. The style of jewellery is unique with an unmistakeable air of mystique, an almost antique look paired with symbolic forms and the highest quality materials to create timeless collector’s items, which have made Patrik Muff famous far beyond the borders of Germany. When designing jewellery, Muff likes to focus on the four human essentials of existence: Faith, Love, Hope and Death.

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