Images of Reality


Galerie Huit is pleased to present the Hong Kong solo debut exhibition Images of Reality by Vienna based Iranian artist, Mehrdad Sadri.


Mehrdad Sadri’s (b.1944, Iran) fluid organic abstractions act as metaphors for reality. The paintings transcend specific representation. Nourished by a palette of flesh tones and pastel hues that fold into stimulating elliptical folds, the paintings invoke open interpretation.


  • Exhibition Period: 12 May – 24 June 2016

Occasionally, the mysteries of Sadri’s metaphors are revealed through the glimpse of a shape or outline that alludes to the human form. Here, such discovery on the part of the viewer is rewarded with a clandestine wink of an eye or the crease of a naval that is thinly veiled beneath the translucent layers. The dramatic curves and eclipses that seemingly unfurl on Sadri’s canvases resemble the shifts of sumptuous drapery, which hides as much as it reveals.


Images of Reality consists of a key selection of paintings made over ten years, some of which depict definite red binding that evoke a change of mood and act in contrast to his sensual abstractions.


Collectively, the paintings chant a rhythm, where each piece plays a note and as a whole, the exhibition accords a musical ensemble punctuated with ebbs and flows throughout the gallery. Sadri is the composer of such verse, where the audience listens with their eyes.


The public exhibition opens on the 12th May 2016 and runs through to 24 June 2016. For further information please contact: Carmen Ng on 852 2803 2089 or